What a too cheap background check won’t tell you

We’ve all seen them – they’re termed enhanced backgrounds but they are too cheap and too fast to be anything more than a data pull from a data aggregator. When ordering a background check – on a job applicant, new board director, or management team – the last thing you need is a background so shallow that it misses what you need to know to make an important decision. 

Below are some findings that you won’t find in a too-cheap background check. 

  • A CFO applicant has a history of errors in judgment in their own personal financial dealings. 
  • An analyst candidate has made inflammatory statements about their previous employer online.
  • The person you’re looking to partner with is litigious, with a long list of filed lawsuits, against supervisors, neighbors, doctors etc. 
  • The executive up for promotion has their degree, but they bought it from an overseas diploma mill. 
  • Legal records show allegations of forging signatures on tax documents and other unethical behavior.  
  • The applicant has made lewd and inappropriate comments on photo accounts belonging to minors. 
  • A neighbor has an order of protection against the candidate for harassment. 

Put the power of Dasciad into your decisions. We put all of our investigative experience and tools to work for you. 

Our comprehensive layered searches and expert analyses delve deep into the details, so that you know upfront who you’ll be dealing with. 

We’re here to mitigate risk and exponentially increase your successes.  

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