Internal Investigations and Litigation Support

We have extensive experience supporting compliance departments, in-house counsel and law firms.  Since the founding of Dasciad Intelligence in 2010, we have worked with corporations uncovering information to assist with internal investigations, and supporting attorneys and their clients during every phase of litigation.


  • We helped a publicly traded medical company fend off an attack by an activist investor, who was acting to unseat the management board.  Our client used the information we gathered to come to a settlement with the activist investor, and our client retained control of their board.
  • We supported an investment firm with an internal investigation following the termination of an employee who had been convicted of embezzling corporate funds. Dasciad Intelligence conducted background due diligence of 60-plus employees and consultants, reviewing litigation history, general financial standing, social media presence, verifying professional and education experience, and identifying potential areas of concern, including conflicts of interest and pending litigation matters.
  • We assisted attorneys seeking financial compensation for a man who was wrongfully convicted for murder, and who had been released and exonerated after several decades in prison.  We located numerous witnesses to support his case, and the city granted the man a multi-million settlement.
  • In advance of an investment transaction, Dasciad Intelligence analysts conducted reputational interviews of the chief executive of a Fortune 100 company, to confirm his reputation as a leader, to assess his potential longevity in his current role, and to identify any areas of potential concern.
  • Managed an internal investigation into collusion and corruption by executives involved in running a manufacturer’s overseas operations.  The investigation showed certain executives had improper relationships with vendor companies and were receiving payments from the entities.  The client terminated the executives.
  • In connection with litigation, we vetted more than 20 proposed expert witnesses in the U.S. and abroad.  Based on the information developed, the client, a law partner, was able to effectively challenge opposing counsel’s proposed experts, while at the same time, defend challenges to her own experts.