Asset Investigation

The Dasciad research team has extensive experience in successfully tracing assets for our clients, in anticipation of litigation or post-judgment.  We scour the public record and pursue relevant avenues for investigation to identify assets and liabilities, including: corporate holdings, trusts and assumed business names, reported stock ownership, real property holdings, judgments and liens, personal property such as art, watercraft, aircraft and motor vehicles, and any liquid assets identifiable in the course of our research.


  • The Dasciad Intelligence research team assisted a client in collecting on a court-ordered judgment, by identifying assets and liabilities of a business owner.  During the investigation, numerous additional business entities, trusts and properties (worth millions of dollars) were located for the owner, as well as personal property including art, watercraft and aircraft.
  • Dasciad’s analysts assisted a bankruptcy trustee in identifying fraudulent transfers made by a financial company to its executives prior to the company’s filing for bankruptcy.  We performed asset investigations of key executives so that the bankruptcy trustee could recoup the improperly transferred funds.